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Vielä on kesää jäljellä!
 Nyt on tosiaan peltokasvi ja kotielläin topit paketissa.  Niistä jäi itselle ainakin tosi hyvä fiilis ja opin monta uutta asiaa tulevaisuuden varalle.
Nyt olen siis koti tilallani rakennus topin parissa josta lisää myöhemin kunhan saadaan projektit kunnolla käyntiin.
tähän loppuun vielä vähän vasikka kuvia :)
huihihiterkuin jenna

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1huCd07XiL11.12.2015 13:30
This won't be easy.Paiting in broad strokes, there are two pibiisolsties:A. The parish council is just acting as an escape mechanism for a priest who has no use for the EF, and no desire to honor the request. There may be good reasons for that (assuming some unknown set of circumstances), or bad ones (little imagination needed), but whatever the reason, the PP may have felt it would be easier to let the parish council offer the rejection. If that's the case, more prodding might yield a different reason not to honor the request, but unless the bishop leans heavily on the PP, the answer is likely remain the same. [and frankly, if you'd have a priest dead-set against a form of Mass, chances that he'll offer it well are slim. One would wonder if such a person makes a good priest, but virtually no Western diocese would be in a position to let go of a priest on such a ground alone].B. The parish council is actually calling the shots. In such a case, the PP needs to grow a pair, but even if he does decide that it's time to set the parish council in its proper place, that might be a long, hard and miserable fight. Members of a parish council are not generally dismissed from that position because the PP doesn't like them (at best they are replaced after their term expires), and while on the council, they can make the priest's life pretty miserable. In fact, they may be able to do so from outside as well. Again, there are a truckload of bad reasons not to wage this particular battle as well as a few good ones, given circumstances, but at any rate, don't expect progress any time soon.By the way, if the nearest EF Mass is indeed that far away, it might be an idea to connect to neighbouring parishes. Perhaps there are people there too willing and able to ask for an EF Mass, and perhaps the situation in that parish is more favorable. I suspect that the guy who asked the original question is probably well placed to try this, especially with some social media connections thrown in.Also, further down the road, if the bishop sees one parish with EF demand, he may not be very attentive to the issue. If he suddenly sees the same issue pop up in 7 parishes, he'd be more likely to put some effort in and try to arrange something in at least one of them. (of course, in a very rural setting where the next parish is already 75 mins away, all this fails, but in any moderatly urbanized area, there would be pibiisolsties).


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